Welcome to NFolded ~

Aloha & welcome to our website, here you will find a collection of curated memories created by our core team. Primarily working within the ring of fire that borders the Pacific Ocean – We pride ourselves on working with local artisans, craftsmen ( & women ), writers & whomever else may need our help.

Creative Writing ~

Writing is one of the many passions that drive the force behind my creation process. This collection of creative writing is to share some exciting & inspirational short stories with the world ~

Origami Creations ~

Originally inspired by Sadako & 1,000 cranes at an early age. I picked up Origami as a hobby, folding peace cranes in my free-time, slowly building up to my own 1,000 cranes. It wasn’t long before I had amassed a collection of colorful cranes in all various sizes. The Origami crane is now a staple in my collection of Origami creations & the symbol that represents NFOLDED.