Welcome to NFolded ~

Aloha & welcome to our website, here you will find a collection of curated memories created by our core team. Primarily working within the ring of fire that borders the Pacific Ocean – We pride ourselves on working with local artisans, craftsmen ( & women ), writers & whomever else may need our help.


Who / What is NFolded?

This is something we ask ourselves every single day when we wake up… What in the world are we doing with this? Well, after several attempts to figure this out, this is what we got : 

NFolded was started as a centralized portfolio to showcase the creative works of Jasper R. Gillespie – A traveling artist, born on Orcas Island, WA. with a wide reach across the pacific ocean & back. . .

This project is constantly evolving, involving more artists, creators, writers & whomever else could add value to our ever-growing core team. We pride ourselves on showcasing creative talent from around the globe, whether it’s thru photography, journalism or another form of media.

After primarily working in the cannabis industry for four years Jasper shifted gears & started working closely with the artist community. Working closely with various artists across the west coast (California, Oregon & Washington) – from creative writing, online marketing, photography, website design & any other kind of assistance required. . .

Our primary focus is working closely with new artists to create engaging content that will boost business, generate sales / leads & increase the exposure of artworks across the globe.

NFolded isn’t a “company” – we’re more-so a simple group of youthful spirits looking to aid with finding purpose of spirit amongst the creative souls of the world. . .



Bridging a Gap Between the Human Consciousness & Corporate Entities that Surround Us ~

Bridging a Gap Between the Human Consciousness & the Corporate Entities that Surround it – This is the story of a kid, an engineer, and creator… Someone with the purpose of inspiration… Looking to build a bridge… No… To fill the void left by the nuclear warfare that we have left behind. So, Where Did …


So, you want to get in contact with the team here at NFolded?

We’re currently working on developing our website & don’t really want to be bothered about the semantics of indifferent projects – we know what we gotta do, so let us do it!