Bridging a Gap Between the Human Consciousness & Corporate Entities that Surround Us ~

Bridging a Gap Between the Human Consciousness & the Corporate Entities that Surround it –

This is the story of a kid, an engineer, and creator… Someone with the purpose of inspiration… Looking to build a bridge… No… To fill the void left by the nuclear warfare that we have left behind.

So, Where Did the Story Start?

Normally we’d start from the beginning… Well… This story, it starts from THE END… This conscious thought of some eventual ending is what has pushed me to write this. I’ve grown up under the influence of modern society, a place that seems to be drowning in corporate media & artificial advertisements.

We’ve become obsessed over imaginary seeds of information to sew some field of knowledge within our consciousness, that we have let the corporate entities that surround us genetically modify the seed that we plant within ourselves.

So how do we bridge this gap between the human consciousness & the corporate entities that surround us? The first step for this process is to cut ties with the idea of their being a “bridge” – find out how close we really are to the solution & follow your heart until you find it, for we all have a different space to fill in this void…

But enough of these rhetorical metaphors that aren’t getting us anywhere of any tremendous value, it’s time to focus on the present, that I have to offer YOU ~

So Tell Me, Where Does This Story End?

This story might end when we stop pretending that we have all the answers. We can stop fighting our brothers & biting our sisters, blaming our mothers & gaming our fathers.

A family bond is stronger than any material possession, and once we realize that strength, maybe we can make this story pretend & head home to reality… A place without pretentious boundaries, no limitations of what we are allowed to accomplish… A place of free thought & free will…

We are infinite, we truly have no end, so don’t pretend, my dear, dear friend.


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