Business Website – Pure Kona Green Market

A responsive website to showcase Pure Kona Green Market, a weekly outdoor farmers market located in South Kona. The website was designed to showcase the various vendors & music, as well as provide potential new vendors a simple way to find information & registration. Photography & content was included with this project. Ongoing maintenance with social media & website updates.

Photo Album – The 4th of July Parade on Orcas Island

It seemed like the entire island had gathered along the main street of Eastsound, WA. Hundreds of families & friends came together to watch the 4th of July parade on Orcas Island. Running up & down, capturing as many of the memories as possible, these are the results ~

4th of July Parade on Orcas Island – A Community Celebration

Every year the Orcas Island 4th of July parade marches down the streets of Eastsound, showcasing the locals latest & greatest creations. This year the theme of the parade was “Creatures of the Island” – The local community came together & showcased a wide array of characteristics. The Odd Fellows Hall really went all out, with the widest array of creativity shown. Dozens of groups & local organizations got together to advertise, share & showcase visual aspects of the parade.

The Orcas Island Farmers Market was going on right alongside the parade – dozens of local vendors showcased artwork, delicious food & fresh farm products. Combined with the energy of the parade & crowd of people, it made for a pretty colorful event. Running around with a camera during the event was a blast, creating timeless memories for all to enjoy.